The SDRCA given consecutively from San Jose VII Awards 2011 “BARCELONA SHIPYARD FOR AFRICA”.

The SDRC met the annual awards ceremony in the business center NETWORKIA at 12:00 on Saturday 18 March 2017.

The seventh “Barcelona, ​​SHIPYARD FOR AFRICA” (see video) were awarded to the following people:

  • Àngel Ballester Pané
  • Bouba Diaby Gassama
  • Laura Lobo
  • Mireia Solé
  • Montserrat Oller Freixa
  • Salim Medjerab
  • Toni Espadas

Also awarded were considered:

  • Amics de la UNESCO de Barcelona
  • Belén Ramos Anastasi
  • Edmundo Sepa Bonaba
  • Fabien Essiane
  • Ignasi Coromina Nualart
  • Lucre Mba
  • Metges sense Fronteres
  • Missioners Combonians
  • Xavier Molina Verde
  • Xavier Sanchez Soler

During the ceremony there were distributed copies of the new book commemorating this year’s awards “JUSSÀ, the last country in the world”.

This book is a flash on South Sudan, a village in hell that can seem like forever.

The reasons for the SDRCA to edit this book are numerous, but it is a tribute to the South Sudanese people, from Barcelona, that invokes all kinds of suffering from joy to despair.

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