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The SDRCA is a Centre for International Cooperation, a development society and a media platform.

The association SDRCA was founded in January 13, 2006 as a non-profit cultural association, registered in the Departament de Justícia de la Generalitat de Catalunya since with the number 31861.

The SDRCA was declared of public utility by the Generalitat de Catalunya on 18 September 18, 2012 and the Letamendi tax authorities (Barcelona) declared exempt from VAT on February 1, 2012. The SDRCA belongs to special tax of Title II of Law 49/2002 (2012).

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The objectives of the association SDRCA are:

  • Disseminating African cultural realities in our country.
  • Promote trade as a tool for international cooperation because it can improve the life expectancy in Africa, promoting trade between our country and Africa.
  • Reporting of what we consider important to the understanding of Africa, trying to ignore dramatisation and deliver real information in both the positive and the negative can become.


FINAL STAGE (2006-2016)

The SDRCA has achieved all the targets set in its foundation. It began reporting on everything related to Africa.

His training lasted three sites: “La veu d’Àfrica”, “Barcelona Drassanes per Àfrica” and “Kafu Bá” gave service to the federation Kafu Bá where SDRCA was a member.

The SDRCA has shown that African countries can operate from Barcelona.

The SDRCA has contributed to the economy of African families, has taught in Africa, and has contributed to the prevention and early detection of diseases.

The SDRCA also developed its Welfare Projects, sponsoring several humanitarian organizations at all levels to exaggerated.

The new stage of SDRCA considers developing its model of international cooperation while applying higher income, greater health groups and formation Africans living in Africa.

Spurring humanitarian organizations working in what can be said action unit to optimize resources when applied to Africa. You can not ever ignore what they do.

In Africa it must be humbly and without pretense to fix anything because you have to establish bonds of friendship.

Institutional video: “Final stage (2006-2016)”

Dr. Josep Juanbaró Portella
President of the Societat per a la Difusió de les Realitats Culturals Africanes (SDRCA).

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