Do we converge?

The Society for the Promotion of African Cultural Realities (SDRCA) was put in place to adequately inform about Africa to Catalan society, not on content but in form. We thought we could fill an information space provided little in our lives. Although the constitution of SDRCA was not until 13 January 2006, which would be their partners had already begun work on the subject of Africa since 2002.

The beginning was factually started with our presence on the Internet in early 2004 with the independent cultural online magazine “La veu d’Àfrica“. “La veu d’Àfrica” endures to this day a great success.

The anxiety of the SDRCA report on Africa went further. We put on the Internet  ”àFricaTV” in 2007 with a news pilot. It was not until April 2008 that SDRCA began its regular programming with a news titled “What’s New”.

The need to inform the SDRCA about Africa is intrinsic because it is our intent to show a structured and objective way everything integrates our neighboring continent.

However, our job information is not free. Reporting, we think we can help to improve life expectancy in many African countries. This is probably a dream, but who knows if he can get in some way.

There are two rules to try to achieve this aim. One is the information and the other to promote trade relations with Africa.
We believe that trade is an essential tool for improving the quality of life of many African countries. Thus the SDRCA reports to facilitate trade with Africa. We believe in the cultural commerce. So now we are trying to build cultural bridges with different African countries.

The African country has more mark the SDRCA is Cameroon, where there are 4 correspondents while helping us build this bridge cultural.

The thread that will allow the existence of these cultural bridges is nothing, there can be more than our Market International Science and Technology. This market, located on the Internet is to promote contact between individuals or companies on both sides of the Mediterranean.

Our market that needs the participation of people from different professions, is also another communication tool. Our experience tells us that African immigrants living among us relatively isolated from the bulk of the population. You must give them the strength to sit really accepted by society.

Hence our program Do we converge? points African immigrants act as business advisors to those employers who want to, but have not yet had occasion to go to Africa to trade there.

This is the first convergence has concentrated on the publication of the White Paper and Born in Africa and the White Paper Trade with Africa. This second book is a second convergence must be used for the Catalan employers with the aim to develop Africa.

It is clear that our program Do we converge? is a junction of three lines converge on one point: Trade in Africa. The three lines are the contributions of African immigrants, the contributions of Catalan trade in Africa and the aspirations of entrepreneurs who want to register at this important trade.

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