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Montesclado is a village in the Lleida Pyrenees that belongs to the coma of Burg, a valley that includes the villages of Alendo, Burg, Glorieta de Montesclado, Montesclado, Mallolís, and Farrera, the capital of the municipality although the Town Hall is now Burg (Pallars Sobirà)

Montesclado is at 1,162.1 m above sea level. Glorieta de Montesclado is at 1016.6 m above sea level. Glorieta leaves the river of the valley. These 145.5 m give way to a gentle ravine with a tarred path

That Glorieta is said of Montesclado everything indicates, considering the name that says that it is of Montesclado, that Glorieta was a sort of district of Montesclado. The reasons are strategic. Montesclado dominates the entire valley, being its gateway with the collaboration of Glorieta

From the top of Montesclado the neighboring valleys, beyond the comma of Burg, are seen. In his time he had to watch that indicated to the Glorieta if the foreigners could enter.

It is no coincidence that Montesclado was a point of first importance during the Civil War (1936-1939). A point of excellence to see everything

In Western Catalan (Valencian) the word outbreak does not exist, at least in the present. In Eastern Catalan, the bursts are bursting or bursting, breaking, with noise and projection of fragments. In Valencian there is an insult, which means broken or damaged wooden object, which is closer to reality

There is another approach to Mont-asclat. It is the one from Mutuslau, Forest socarred in the pre-Roman language

The houses in the valley are made of stone, very well designed, and the slab or slate roof. The streets are very well used. Until a few years ago there were about twenty houses, but now there are only a couple: Casa Badià and Casa Copet.

At present there are about ten people all year long, but in the summer there are people who have fixed the house, there is also a hotel

Families abandoned the valley at least for two different things. The pieces could not feed so many people, and the advent of the industrial revolution made farming more comfortable, and gave way to live and work in different cities of our home.

They even had to emigrate to Argentina nearly a hundred years ago

The agrarian activity is diverse, first taking as base the milk of cow and soon the young one of the brown cow, very extended. Some people also practice forestry very well

Burg and Farrera keep an important population. In the case of Burg is the native one and that of Farrera is immigrated from places such as Barcelona and other cities. The latter are called hippies because they came just a short time after its eruption throughout Europe

Keywords: Montesclado, coma of Burg, Pallars Sobirà, Lleida, brown cow, meadows, valleys, Pyrenees

References: Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana, County Council (Sort)

Conclusion: There are a lot of valleys in Spain, but you advise to visit this pacific part of the world. The world of silence.

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