The SDRCA has begun producing 55 AFRICAN VIDEOS

Each video responds to one of the 55 countries represented in the African Union. The association SDRCA wants to project in our society that of each African country.
These videos do not have commercial character, they respond to the objective of diffusion of the African cultural realities.
We want to bring the ambitions of the Africans living in our country to the public.


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The SDRCA produces videodiscs about cultural realities of Africa.
nos gens cives

It is part of the Register of Broadcasting Companies of Catalonia  (REAC 2100):


NOS (we): “Is a reflection of the thinking of three women and three men from sub-Saharan origin who live in our society”
  • A documentary by Dani Amor et Edgar Baró.
  • Music: Octavio Sana.
  • Post-audio : Jordi Portales.
  • Interviewees: Emmanuel Thoumar, Director, Chad, Octavio Sana, musician and composer, Guinea Bissau, Edith Mbella, Antiquarian, Cameroon, Keba Keita, Student, Ivory Coast, Sambina Trevira, hairdresser, Sierra Leone, Moumouni Manacounou, Designer clothes, Burkina Faso



GENS (nation): ”Is the will to embody a continent very struck by the history”
  • Gathering the book ” Cuentos históricos del pueblo africano.”
  • Documentary by Àngel Ballester and Produccions Audiovisuals .
  • Presented by Johari Gautier Carmona



CIVES (citizens):  ”Is to express the concerns of three Africans who have decided to work with us”
  • Gathering three newcomers to our country, all from different parts of Africa. In this talk hot topics such as immigration and the situation of their countries of origin from their own experience. The entire video lasts 40 minutes.
  • Maria Millet interview with Roberta Coci (South Africa), Fabien Essiane (Cameroon) and Salifo Djassi (Guinea Bissau)

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