Barcelona, Drassanes per Àfrica


The SDRCA has launched the macro “BARCELONA, DRASSANES PER ÀFRICA”, which encompasses all projects: “La veu d’Àfrica”, àFricaTV, MARKET JMN and Do we converge?.

“BARCELONA, DRASSANES PER ÀFRICA” was presented to the City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

This macro takes advantage of the synergies between the current projects under way for some time. The idea is to promote the resources that Barcelona is the exaltation of the quality of life in African countries to benefit a small contribution to the increase in life expectancy in Africa, the weighted average of which is just over 50 years. The project is based on a microeconomic approach that interested in interested in, rather than through interest.

The partners have formed in Cameroon (2009) Association Camerounaise pour la Valorisation des Réalités Culturelles (ACVRC). This internationalization of SDRCA have interesting effects on the results to be achieved in a coordinated manner.



The SDRCA is a non-profit (Barcelona, 2006) that uses the scientific method to develop its global project called BARCELONA, SHIPYARDS FOR AFRICA

The SDRCA in its actions does nothing than to experiment and draw conclusions

The SDRCA has developed the model of the triangular pyramid

Model of Human Development (2013)

The tip is the goal to achieve, this is the highest human development. Develop model requires determining the object both personal and communitary. The model is formed in three stages

Increased income (2009)

The SDRCA began the income of people living in Africa (21 countries located in five macro-regions).

The method used was the air, where there are two seasons, Barcelona is the departure and arrival are African families. The link between the two stations is the cabin that moves in one direction and the other would say that is the link

In our case, the messengers are people born in Africa but living in Barcelona. The messenger or bridge transmits its investment intentions relatives or friends living in Africa, where they put a business by increasing income. The success of these operations is demonstrated

Promoting training (2012)

In a later offered training Africans living in Africa. Courses are very welcome from Barcelona to Zimbabwe and Cameroon, Senegal and Nigeria

It has been shown that in Barcelona you can improve the training of African

Improving health (2015)

A third experiment is underway. We want to determine how from Barcelona can improve the health of Cameroonians, focusing on prevention and early detection of diseases. Recipients are 900 people with the collaboration of hospitals in Yaounde

Design Model (2013)

The model indicates a triangular base CRPS three vertices. A higher income provides access to more training and better health. The training also helps to increase the level of health

The three vertices of the triangle basal join in the tip of Human Development

Joint implementation of the entire model (2017)

Once completed the third stage of the model, experimenting with these three contributions to the employees of a new industrial plant in Cameroon national interest

The plant will also have to be profitable, it will allow a laboratory to confirm that all efforts

It is estimated that the experiment will last at least five years. The SDRCA has promoted the establishment of the new plant over a year (2015).

If this model is confirmed can be transmitted to other systems

Conditions for the application of the (2014)

The SDRCA is awaiting approval of a line of credit that allows to build the plant and starting work (2017), supported by the SDRCA

The SDRCA partners have sufficient experience to carry out experiments that inevitably must be adjusted according to the response of employees.

The plant is governed by the Corporate Social Responsibility. Salaries will be significantly higher than the average for the region. A part of the machinery have elements that help the social integration

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