Casa Badià ®

Casa Badià is the business division of the SDRCA. The SDRCA thinks that resources should be used to facilitate an increase in income from African families located in Africa

It is demonstrated that technology transfer requires at least three actors. It is the principle of the airspace of Montserrat. An actor is at the top, another is at the base, and the third one travels from one point to another: from below to top or from top to bottom

The actors of the SDRCA are:

  • Trader based in our country that wants to reach African countries
  • Specialist in Africa: of African origin or origin of our country
  • Family based in Africa

The merchant finds an interlocutor in a specialist. The specialist finds an interlocutor in a family based in Africa

The results that are achieved are satisfactory for all parties. The purchasing power of families based in African countries is encouraged

If you wish to participate, you can sign up for the SDRCA Newsletter or by writing to the email


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