Awards “Barcelona, Drassanes per Àfrica”

When spring comes, the SDRCA made a public ceremony for the awards “BARCELONA, SHIPYARDS FOR AFRICA”.

This meeting was the first day of St. Joseph in 2011 and Saturday preceding that date of 2012 to 2015.

The awards “BARCELONA, SHIPYARDS FOR AFRICA” 2016 was Saturday March 19, feast of St. Joseph. The awards consist of a diploma and a book.

In 2011 it was presented with a book of the Monastery of Montserrat. In 2012, he was ”A vision of Africa“, a book written by the winners of 2011 and 2012. “New horizons of Africa” was the commemorative book awards 2013. “Consequences of a civil war, how to avoid it” is the book 2014. The book 2015 was “Health in Africa

This past Saturday the 19th of March was the awards ceremony of the VI “BARCELONA, SHIPYARDS FOR AFRICA” :

The commemorative book is written in French awards for 900 copies have been sent to the town of Yaounde, capital of Cameroon.

This is a glossary entitled MALADIES which aims to determine the impact on the prevention and early detection of diseases.

The book has two sections: the first newspaper by Jean Paul Mbia (Yaoundé) and Fabien Essiane (Yaoundé).

The medical body of the book have drawn three nurses, in order of time: Maria Àngels Revés (Lleida), Neus Gasulla (Manresa) and Laura Velasco (Barcelona).

All scientific body has reviewed Dr. Ricco Tegua the Hôpital Jamot Yaounde.

We would like to highlight that until the sixth edition of the awards was attended by 48 different authors.

Since the book is not only aimed at multiculturalism but also international cooperation highlights the goodness of the people who have been involved in the preparation of the book.

Awards are also in this section Belén Ramos Anastasi (Mataró) as she has done a great job of socio-sanitary documentation, Marisa Mundina García (Barcelona) for its important intellectual contribution in the description of how to treat disease, Diego Hernández Molina (Amposta) as a graphic designer, Salim Medjerab (Algeria) Cubelles in translation tasks always supervised by Fabien Essiane (Cameroon) in Yaoundé, Barbara Eisele for his contribution from Fundación Logística Justa (Barcelona), and finally Aura Guillén (Cornellà de Llobregat), who has been dealing with printing and production units.

This year also reward other people linked to international cooperation tasks from different areas: the architect Míriam Sánchez López (l’Hospitalet de Llobregat), the engineer Paul Majó Campabadal (l’Hospitalet de Llobregat) and Professor Maria’s Amor Rodríguez Girgenti (Premià de Mar).

The event was presided over by Mrs. Carmen Cobaleda from the Association Afrikable with workplace to Lamu, Kenya.

The SDRCA has already begun to prepare the seventh award in 2017 calling on all people who want to contribute as always in writing, by own articles, the book commemorating the VII Awards “BARCELONA, SHIPYARDS FOR AFRICA” 2017: “Jussà, the the last country in the world “(available in March 2016 some volunteers).

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